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1 in 3 teens will experience physical, sexual, or emotional abuse in a relationship before they become adults. YWCA is offering a free series this month for parents and youth designed to increase awareness of teen dating violence and unhealthy relationship behaviors. The measured values F14C (Reimer et al. Reference Reimer, Brown and Reimer 2004), corrected for blank and normalized to the OXA II standard were converted to conventional radiocarbon ages . Radiocarbon ages were calibrated using the OxCal v 4.3.2 calibration program and the IntCal20 calibration curve (Reimer et al. Reference Reimer, Austin, Bard, Bayliss, Blackwell, Bronk Ramsey and Butzin 2020). The program seemed “too good to be true” when Sullivan learned of it, but he opted to go for it after speaking with representatives of libraries that participated.

“Open Season” was a good enough book, but missed the mark on a few points for me. Namely, the character development for our heroine and Hero. I did not feel as if they were well-fleshed out here, and I was left with a few unanswered questions about them even all the way through the finish. I liked that the suspense was not such a prominent part of the story and I also liked Todd, the supposed gay guy who helped in her makeover but turned out to be not gay and FBI. I do hope LH gave him a book and the hit guy was also in a way shown to be human I guess. Daisy Minor wakes up on her 34th birthday and has an epiphany.

Diana,with the size of my school, doing multiple genres is a necessity! We have about 800 6th graders, and most of the teachers opted to do this activity. Next year, I’ll do it earlier, and do half the classes one month and the others the following month so the books can circulate more. I have been looking for some activities to shake up my book clubs; they are good groups and we have lively discussions. Still, I look for ways to shake things up now and then.

Librarians Change the 50+ Dating Game

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The story itself revolves around a woman discovering that she’s ready to find a husband, so she gives herself a makeover and looks for men in all the wrong ways. The local sheriff is amused by this and playfully trails her to keep her out of trouble, where sparks eventually fly. The suspense element is almost an afterthought, when Daisy ends up witnessing a murder and is dropped into the middle of finding out about an organized sexual slavery trade. The way it starts, you think it is going to be darker than it is, and certainly the topic of illegal marketing of sexual slavery is no joke.

Blanche Woolls is a former Director and Professor Emerita of the School of Library and Information Science at San Jose State University. She has been an elementary school librarian and a district level coordinator of school libraries before managing the school library credential program at the University of Pittsburgh. Her articles have appeared in publications such as School Library Journal, Knowledge Quest, and School Library Monthly. Her books include The School Library Media Manager, currently in its third edition. Who’s Who in Library and Information Science and Services is a list of biographies of top famous librarians, catalogers, library science teachers, and library and information studies and services professionals. This is a list of notable librarians and people who have advanced libraries and librarianship.

She was done with being plain Jane and all about becoming the new and improved Daisy. There were some scene’s that had me laughing out loud. Whenever she decided to go to the local drug store and buy a “party-pack” box of condoms……I couldn’t stop laughing. If you’re looking for a well-written and feel-good small town cop romance then this one is definitely for you. I love how Linda Howard’s books always follow the same formula but still end up different and unique.

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They help them through their reading, break down of words, and help them in the pronunciation of words, among others. This means, when you date a librarian, you will have a better partner to raise your kids together. I don’t know your take on this, but I believe dating a literate is helpful in many ways. Such people have a deeper understanding of issues and approach matters from different perspectives.

You can go for a wide range of career prospects within library organizations. It is possible to plan your career effectively from starting point to top level management, depending on your interests and background. On her thirty-fourth birthday, Daisy Minor decides to make over her entire life.

My gig at the Open Standard came to an abrupt end when my editor was suddenly no longer working there after (maybe?) some GamerGate related stuff. I don’t know details but I was asked to put my articles “on hold” for the time being. Meanwhile I’m working on a longer single-topic post about Ferguson and the library and what people are doing.

We used to do that in the English department of my university too– leave books wrapped with a brief description written on the paper for people to pick up if they were feeling adventurous. I also really appreciate that you included resources, what personally worked for you, and even explanatory videos! What I’m saying about library “tropes” is that they apply to anyone who works in a library because you have to know how to do everyone else’s job. Librarianship is the understanding that maintaining a library is a shared responsibility. You’re on call to help catalog a book someone requested for a massive paper and then promptly forgot about. You’ll need to sit a stint at the circulation desk because someone else got the flu from working a storytime where half the kids showed up with runny noses and rubbed their hands all over the safety scissors.