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Our members gain access to our live chat support feature 24/7. Ask questions to help you maximize your membership or learn more about how it all works, thanks to our premium customer support team. Positive Singles was founded in 2002 to become the world’s best STD and HIV dating platform. Our mission was to give people like you a better way to find companionship and love. The members in our community or friendly, warm-hearted, and ready to make new friendships.

In general, Positive Singles apps are easy and pleasant to use, and they make chatting even more convenient. As members bond with each other, the topics of healthcare and lifestyle always come up right in the beginning. In our experience, we haven’t come across fakes or scams. You can verify your photo by uploading your ID, and we highly recommend doing so as it will increase your chances to find a match. For your security, try to get in touch only with those members whose pictures are verified. There’s also a type of medication called PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis).

This involves the HIV-negative partner taking a low dose of HIV medication on a daily basis. PrEP is highly effective – it has been shown to reduce the risk of HIV transmission through sex by 99%. You can easily get a home HIV test that allows you to test at home with just a fingerprick, so you won’t worry about the virus having somehow made it through the defenses. Although HIV infection used to be a death sentence, it’s not that way anymore. Thanks to antiretroviral therapy , people with HIV have a basically normal life expectancy.

In fact, individuals with HIV are probably more scared than you are. Some of them think that they are less desirable due to their condition. In case people are worried about infecting or getting infected, it is important to get educated and find help. You can find a therapist or support group that will ease your feelings. If you’re concerned about privacy and sharing your personal information online, Positives Dating may be right for you.

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Virtual-themed dates like video game dates, coffee dates, and more have become all the rage. The Doobdoo Indian Dating App enables people to do just that. Another preventative treatment is the aforementioned PrEP, a daily oral medication that is highly effective if taken correctly. But only some of the world’s countries have access to the drugs, and those that do might have trouble with uptake for some of the reasons Mugo explained in Kenya. The treatment for HIV is a combination of drugs taken daily called antiretroviral therapy . According to UNICEF, in 2020, children accounted for 35% of new HIV infections in Kenya.

PrEP has been shown to be quite effective at reducing the risk of sexual transmission in both men who have sex with men and heterosexual discordant couples. Having reputable information about HIV available can help. A lot of people don’t know what they don’t know about the virus. They may be more concerned than they need to be, or less. While some people might think making HIV transmission illegal is a good idea, there are many potential issues with criminalizing STI transmission.


In case you disable your account, you will be able to sign back in later on, but your account will no longer be visible to other people. If you want to delete it forever, enter your password once again, and click on the “Delete account” button. Most of the people on Positive Singles are the real deal mainly because it is difficult to fake the disease that you don’t have. The platform is more popular with women, but there is no shortage of men either. The free membership on Positive Singles is quite limited in regards to features and overall capabilities.

Johnny’s physician told him that we’ve made huge advancements in treatments for HIV, but he must ask himself if he’s willing to be a caretaker should the need arise. You don’t need to worry about privacy when using POZ Personals, all your information is kept private from other members. The only way that members can get your email address and other personal details is if you choose to give it to them.

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The privacy is good and there are a variety of features for both standard and premium members who are signed up. However a dating app for iOS and Android like the ones offered by would be a great improvement. The “Let’s Meet” feature is specially designed to facilitate the easy discovery of compatible users. In sum, from the things that have been mentioned above, it is pretty much clear that Positive Singles is the top pick for a free HIV positive dating app.

Using its advanced AI technology, the app screens your hobbies and interests, then matches them with other users of the app. All you have to do is swipe less and start chatting and dating. FriendlyMony has a proprietary AI algorithm to match the users to others based on the preferences set during account creation.

Acer was HIV-positive at the time, having been diagnosed that fall. In March 1989, Bergalis began to display symptoms of AIDS and was diagnosed with the disease in January 1990. The Florida Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services tested over 1,000 patients, discovering two additional HIV-positive patients. The CDC would eventually identify a total of ten HIV-positive patients and subsequently retraced six of the infections to Acer. Coffee Meets Bagel is a casual dating platform launched by 3 sisters in 2012.

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