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Who does Alex beat up in season 13 Episode 23?

After surviving his suicide attempt, Alex shows more signs of insecurity as he deals with disability resulted from a traumatic brain injury . Frustrated and depressed, he blames everyone for not being there for him and being overprotective and harsh, but gradually grows out of the insecurities and admits to his wrongs. He learns to accept help from his parents and friends, and also grows fiercely protective of his friends, resulting to some extremely reckless and dangerous behavior. He also offers compassion and help to people around him more often than not, despite their differences. In the beginning, Alex is the new kid struggling to socialize and adjust in Liberty.

So, everything you see on Alex, you see on Miles IRL. By the fourth and final season, Clay has a full mental breakdown as a result of a combination of troubling factors. Not only does he routinely have intense nightmares featuring the now-deceased Bryce and Monty, but he also hallucinates them during his waking hours. At the end of the season, Tony “reunites” with his family at Thanksgiving, albeit over Skype.

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Alex refused as it’s way further, so Zach offered to carry him. Alex didn’t allow him to as he thought it’d be embarrassing. Alex was embarrassed by his dad bringing and picking him up from school, so he called Zach to ask for a ride. When getting called, Zach lied to his mom about it being Bryce who called, not wanting her to know that he’s friends with Alex. After Alex’s suicide attempt, Zach and Alex stayed friends and Zach starting helping him with P.T. A few months after moving to town and attending Liberty High, Alex befriended Zach.

But Alex cuts him off before going further telling him that he wants no part of it, and tells him to be careful about who he talks to. They see Bryce and Zach, Bryce invites them both to a party, Tony arrives and gets Clay out of it. Alex pushes the speed limit further than he was asked to and start to scare Justin and Zach. Alex slows down after a cop car turns its siren and lights on and starts following them. Alex finally stops and asks Clay if he’s ever been to jail before.

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Alex sneaks Charlie out of his bedroom so his parents don’t find out. After they and their friends decide to start opening up to their parents, Alex invites Charlie over for dinner and introduces him to his family as his boyfriend. Charlie is happily greeted by Alex’s family, especially his brother Peter as he’s excited that Alex is dating a quarterback of the football team. Alex’s mother talks to Alex and asks if Charlie makes him happy, which Alex confirms. Charlie also comes out to his dad as bisexual and mentions that he has a boyfriend. On the night of the murders, Mr Ball testified that the area wasn’t taped off and law enforcement officials, friends and family were walking all over the crime scene.

After the meeting, Justin asked Jessica if she was coming, but Jessica told him that she was still talking with Alex. Justin asked what they were talking about, to which Alex told him that Jessica told him that she misses him and he was a much better boyfriend than Justin. Justin told Alex “fuck you” and told him he’s a funny guy. After Alex left, Justin asked Jessica if she knows that he’s a liar. At the end of the season, Alex admitted to Winston that he killed Bryce. Winston thought he was lying, but Alex told him he’s not.

There, Alex and Jessica sit holding hands firmly for a prayer and smile at each other. Later, they go to Monet’s together to celebrate Tyler’s recovery. Jessica and Alex attend the photo exhibition together.

”— Alex to his Mom after reading his suicide note(“Tape 7, Side A”) for the first time. Carolyn and Bill were eagerly waiting for Alex to open his college acceptance letter. When Alex reveals that he got accepted to Berkely, they loudly cheer and hug. Alex isn’t too excited, so Carolyn tells him that it’s okay to take a few moments to take it in.. Throughout the series, they had a complex and opportunistic relationship that ended with Alex killing Bryce. In a flashback, when Alex was smoking weed with Sheri, Hannah, Clay and Jeff, Jeff mentioned that Justin thinks Alex is a good guy, which he doesn’t think about a lot of people.

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Hannah went to confront Alex about the list, but ended up humiliating herself. Hannah believed that she lost Jessica and became a target of constant objectification and sexual harrassment because of Alex. Alex was the second choice on her Dollar Valentine’s survey, but she told Sheri that Alex is not nice. Alex wants to attempt suicide for a third time in the third season, after the murder of Bryce Walker. He asks Tyler Down for a gun and writes a confession note in “Let the Dead Bury the Dead”.

MacDonald, Allen, Tyler, Hayley, Ordaz, Evangeline & Gonera, Sunu . Episode 7.Jahani, Sahar, Higgins, Thomas & Gonera, Sunu . “What does this mean ‘I could’ve stopped it.’ What does that mean?

Many of the cast members seem like they’re happily taken and living their best lives. Others are single, but are so booked for upcoming projects that dating isn’t even a thought. If you’re curious whether your 13 Reasons Why crush is taken, look no further. Before you end up binge-watching all of season 3, here’s a little more about the 13 Reasons Why’s cast members IRL relationship statuses.