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While most of the above benefits of dating an older man fall under the “he’s just more mature” category, it’s worth pointing out additional perks of dating a mature man. Being financially stable isn’t about making $300k a year. It basically is the opposite of being broke, which is a libido-killer for most women. Just because you’re separated by your years doesn’t mean you have to treat him any differently than you would another romantic partner.

By listening to him and getting to know the people in his life, your relationship will grow stronger. Jayant says, “Very rarely would you find someone in your family and friends who will give you valid tips for dating an older man or share their thoughts objectively. They will come with their own agendas, projecting their own fears on you. The majority of the people around us tend to think in right and wrong, black and white.

“But what helped was that pretty soon after we got married, we moved to a place where no one knew either of us, so people were more accepting of the fact that we were together.” Money up for the best of VICE, delivered to your inbox daily. Twenty-seven-year-old Amy Anderson says her year-old boyfriend makes a better lover because he’s more sexually liberated. As depressing as this is to consider, statistics point to women living longer than their male counterparts. You significantly increase your chances of spending your last decade or so alone if you marry someone significantly older than you. While you’re still in the phase where getting too drunk at bars and partying all night at clubs is acceptable/actually lots of fun, he gets tired by midnight.

Another positive trait of a Gemini is that he is adaptable. How many times have we heard about older people getting stuck in their ways? If you want to date someone older, but still want someone who is flexible, this is the guy for you. A lot of women ask me why a millionaire will wind up marrying one woman over another, especially when the first woman seemed to be more his type.

#8 They’re in it for a Relationship

They can lead you to use your fully potential in everything you would do. You definitely won’t regret dating an older man because the advantages of dating an older man. Only you will know what exactly you are ready to sacrifices for your silver fox. Certainly, there are many benefits to dating older men, and who else, if not me, would know about all those perks? But there are also some serious considerations to be made before falling for the older man.

Often couples claim that age is just a number, that they fell in love with their partner’s personality, not the age. However, since you are here, looking through my list of pros and cons of dating an older man, I take it that such statements do not entirely convince you. If your future with your boyfriend is important to you, these things might take a lot of talking and compromise to fit into your current life. Apparently many couples with age differences enjoy healthy, fulfilling, loving relationships. Having come together without ulterior motives or emotional childhood issues, many such pairings are strong, stable, and able to withstand societal scrutiny.

Con: You two might not have a ton in common.

Jennifer Dagi is happily married to her best friend and the love of her life. Marriage isn’t a playground neither is it a bed of roses; you need love, patience, and trust to make it work. He may never really understand why you behave the way you do; everything he doesn’t approve of would be termed “childish”. Being in a relationship or marriage could be an exciting process, but really connecting with your spouse is totally gratifying. Not everyone likes this aspect of marriage so make sure you’re okay with it before you even think of accepting the marriage proposal. Intimacy is usually a vital part of a successful marriage because it helps to bond two people together.

From experimenting with kink men just trying something about and wild, everyone experiences thousands of first times in the bedroom—that’s how sex stays fun, right? This women, we’re talking learn more here Amy Takes about her experience of dating older men. Chronological age might tick tick tick upward, but people’s perceived age and felt age might matter more for the success of a relationship. Partners with significant age gaps might be better matched in terms of their shared interests, vitality, energy, and health than many same-aged couples. Ultimately, the day-to-day emotions, thoughts, and behaviors that define a relationship are known only by those in the relationship, not by nosy outsiders.

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We’re your one-stop destination for unraveling the mystery that is love. It is not uncommon to be dating a man 15 years older or 20 or even more. As per the old dating age rule, the maximum acceptable age difference is calculated with a simple formula – half his age + 7 years.

It may be challenging to get them to take you seriously. If he’s worth it, you’ll put in the effort, but realize they may never accept you fully. Many people feel that women who date significantly older men are looking for a substitute for their father. Maybe they had a bad relationship with their dads or maybe he was absent while they grew up. Even if this isn’t the case for you, realize that there are a lot of opinions out there about women who date much older men , so be prepared to deal with it.

If he’s past his 20s, he probably knows what he wants to do and is sticking to it. Unless you find him in the middle of a mid-life crisis, he’s probably got his career locked down. Maybe he likes watching movies from the 70s, while you prefer reality TV. Or maybe you like to go out and get active in nature, while he prefers lounging around the house. Relationships are built upon your common interests, so it’s important to have a few things you both like to do together. You probably won’t have to deal with the wishy-washy “what are we” conversation—an older man will let you know if they want to get serious or not.

So he doesn’t know who Cardi B is, and you don’t have the same points of nostalgia—that might not bug you at all, and that’s just great. But what if you start talking politics and trends, only to discover he’s completely immovable in his views? It certainly depends on the individual, but “he may be very set in his ways and can appear less open-minded than younger men,” Paulette warns. He swims every day, and swam the English Channel years ago.

Older guys have already had their fill of drinking. He might not always want to accompany you if you prefer staying out till the early hours of the morning. If he keeps canceling plans or just wants to remain in and watch TV, it may become a source of conflict.